Film & Edit: YDT Studios

Stefania & Amarnah are researching a piece of work that explores and expresses both of their experiences in and around abortion. The work aims to be a starting point for a considered yet candid conversation about how people experience abortion, to help destigmatize the topic and advocate for a future with stigma-free reproductive autonomy.

Photos taken at The Place, London by Camilla Greenwell

The seed of this project was planted when we had our first conversation about our experiences with abortion and realised: 1) our privileged position in accessing free abortion healthcare, purely based on where we live in the world, and 2) that speaking about it was cathartic and extremely helpful with the healing process.

And here we are now, about to embark a second phase of R&D. And we must say, that only now, after having had the time and support to delve deeper into the multitude of experiences, history and politics of reproductive healthcare, we can TRULY feel how relevant, important and necessary this work is!

Most importantly, due to our visible advocacy of choice during the creative process, we have started to notice how our work is already creating space for conversation and breaking the expectation of silence. Many friends have reached out to share their past experiences of abortion(s) with us, and others asked for advice during their current terminations.

[ We found a lovely and very useful booklet to share with our friends: DIY Doula – Self-care for before, during and after your abortion. You can find it below in the resources section ]

We want this piece of work to be as informative as it is caring. A piece that adds to the conversation already happening around reproductive rights, equality, healthcare and at the same time CELEBRATES CHOICE and empowers the bodies of those that have been silenced, shamed or stigmatised.

We are tremendously eager and determined to embark on our second stage of research and development for OUR CHOICE. We strongly believe in the power of this dance work and we can’t wait to create and tour it.


  • Abortion Right Uk – Abortion Rights is the national pro-choice campaign. They are campaigning to defend and extend women’s rights and access to safe, legal abortion. They oppose any attack on the 1967 Abortion Act including any attempt to lower the abortion time limit.
  • Abortion Talk – Pro-choice, pro-voice. They are a UK charity working to destigmatise abortions one conversation at a time through our UK talkline and workshops.
  • Ad’iyah – Muslim Abortion Collective Providing love, dua and support for Muslim folk during their abortion journeys. Dua is a fundamental part of being Muslim.
  • Bpas (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) – The UK’s leading abortion care service, we campaign for women’s reproductive choices.
  • Shout Your Abortion a movement working to normalise abortion through art, media, and community events.
  • Women on Web a global nonprofit organisation which provides help and information on safe abortion in all countries were abortion is illegal or hard to access. 


  • Arts Council England
  • One Dance UK
  • The Middle Floor
  • The HopBarn
  • Kala Sangam
  • Commissioned by The Place