“Such was the power of madness, announcing man’s senseless secret- that the lowest point of his fall is also his first morning”
​Michel Foucault

Starving Dingoes portrays the urgency to live, furiously and passionately. It is a race for five dancers who, through the body and its language, explore the vital necessity, albeit brutal, to stay together.
Facing us, a cohort of grandiose and obsessive beings, primitive and bestial like the music that supports them. 

The piece explores our potential reactions to the dysfunctional element of the group; to repair it or sacrifice it in order to save the whole.

It plunges into the dreamworld of childhood; that of regained freedom, poetry, brutality and violence. It is the observation of the smallness or the depth of humanity without artifice, with a smirk, to forget time and quench our hunger for life.

Because death, you know, is just around the corner.

Oncologist Simone Niclou and Principal Cancer Scientist Alex Gentry-Maharaj have been collaborating and helping create bridges between Dance and Science. Looking at the phenomenon of the apoptosis (programmed cellular death) the piece questions the notion of death, and surrendering to it. 

Choreographer / Director: Léa Tirabasso
Producer: Vasanthi Argouin
Administrator: Sousana Eang
Original Cast: Catarina Barbosa, Laura Patay, Karl Fagerlund Brekke, Alistair Goldsmith, Laura Lorenzi 
Cast: Catarina Barbosa, Stefania Pinato, Karl Fagerlund Brekke, William Cardoso, Laura Lorenzi 
Composer: Johanna Bramli & Ed Chivers
Lighting and Set Designers: Nicolas Tremblay, Thomas Bernard 
Scientific Advisors: Simone Niclou, Aleksandra Gentry-Maharaj
Philosophy Advisor: Thomas Stern
Animal Transformation Coach:  Gabrielle Moleta
Clown: Peta Lily


10 – 20 July 2022
Les Hivernales, Centre de Développement Chorégraphique National, Avignon (FR)
[No performance on 15 July]

Photos: Bohumil Kostohryz