An immersive performance about Birmingham, Brexit and Britishness 

Join the ‘Speaker of the House’ for an exploration of what it means to be British and the passionate views that surround our current political climate. This Is an Island? invites audiences to experience a no holds barred version of the motivations behind the referendum vote through the eyes of Birmingham residents, who were split almost 50/50 over Brexit.  Interviews, comments, actions and views are transformed into a thought-provoking multi-sensory journey.

Audiences will be taken on a journey through an imagined forum, similar in structure to the House of Commons, experiencing first-hand the voices and opinions of the people of Birmingham through dance, spoken word, installations and film.

The piece has developed from conversations which took place in May 2018 when a group of artists went out on to the streets of the city to discuss Brexit and what it means to be British.

This Is an Island? has a unique approach.  It is ‘performed research’ where we have resisted the temptation to put our own editorial onto the participants’ interviews but instead faithfully give life to the stories behind those individuals’ fears, hopes and dreams. The finished work is a fantastic collaboration across art forms and we look forward to bringing the words and thoughts of the people of Birmingham to our audiences.

Gary Clarke

Creative Direction & Choreography: Gary Clarke

DanceXchange Producer: Eleni Kyriacou

Dance artists: Vidya Patel, Si Rawlinson, Stefania Pinato, Rebecca Randall

Sound Design & Spoken Word: Rosie Jones

Installation artist: Amelia Beavis-Harrison

Film Maker: Chris Bradley

This project was funded by Art 50, a scheme commissioned by Sky Arts to explore the notion of British identity in the wake of Brexit. Supported by Birmingham City University. Produced by DanceXchange.

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